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Belgrade Strategic Dialogue, at the Conference to be held on 10th and 11th November in Belgrade, continues to look for answers to the key political and security issues of today, both globally and regionally


The Conference will be an opportunity for a meeting of eminent academic experts in the international relations from the USA and Russia, who will talk about the world at the threshold of the new multipolarity and the changes that will inevitably result from it. The first day of the Conference will also be a chance to talk about the migration crisis as one of the biggest political and security challenges of the region and ways to find long-term sustainable responses to a problem that will for some time be one of the most intriguing international topics in Europe and beyond.


The second day of the Conference is dedicated to the centenary anniversary of the Corfu Declaration signing which has created the basis for the unification of the South Slavic peoples into a common state, which will be the cause for political and historical recapitulation of the phenomenon of Yugoslavia and consideration of the opportunities for the future cooperation between the states of the former Yugoslavia.


This will be an opportunity to gather in Belgrade some of the most important political actors from the time of the breakup of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, as well as numerous historians, politicians and church representatives. They will jointly try to contribute to reflecting on the perspective of cooperation between societies that exist today in the area of the former common state.


Belgrade Strategic Dialogue also at this conference continues to be guided by the idea of responding to today's problems, whether regional or global, which cannot be found without taking into account differences in views and by deepening the antagonisms of those without whose cooperation these problems cannot be solved.

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