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The conference “TWENTY YEARS FROM BOMBING OF YUGOSLAVIA– LESSONS FOR EUROPEAN SECURITY IN 21 CENTURY” will be organized on March 18, 2019, in the hotel "Metropol", in cooperation with the Belgrade Strategic Dialogue and the Russian Parliamentary European Club.


The initiative for organizing the IV Belgrade Strategic Dialogue stems from the need to make an objective critical review of the causes and consequences of NATO attacks on FR Yugoslavia, but also to place this historic moment in the context of the current geopolitical relations. 


This type of multidisciplinary attitude towards events from the not so ancient past will contribute to a more objective examination of a turbulent but still foggy historical moment, which will, we are sure, strengthen Serbia's capacity to create contemporary politics, and provide the international expert public with material for the new evaluation of some controversial political and security phenomena.


With respect to this Conference, as always before, we will stick to the already established practice that our forums bring together high-ranking political representatives of influential states and relevant international organizations and universities who can competently discuss the topic offered and make far-reaching conclusions. 

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